Amilionn’s eGovernance initiatives managed by its core members having in-depth knowledge and Experience in Govt Domain provide end to end solutions and services to Govt Dept’s

Amilionn’s e Governance expertise enables govt to harness information technology in providing customized software solutions, mobile computing to empower citizens with better access to information and enhanced transparencyp>

Smart Cities

For Better quality of life, a smart city entitles uninterrupted flow of various utility services through integrated components and participative governance through citizen involvement.

Our solutions cover the entire components of smart city ecosystem including egovernance, intelligent infrastructure, smart metering, advanced analytics and integrated command control center.

ERP Solution

Our solution manages core business operations like finance, manufacturing and supply chain along with back office applications such as providing effective support to customers.

Integrated Solutions

We under take turnkey projects contract in the field of integrated security, intelligent traffic monitoring system, smart parking system and smart card-based applications.

We implement customized solution as per the client needs and infrastructure’s demand. Our consulting team meets the client and understand the functional requirement and key deliverables including IT & Non-IT systems hardware and software requirements.

Our Optimum project management team ensures a better planning and implementation schedule to successfully deliver the projects with minimum time and cost risk.


Amilionn offers a range of Geospatial Services right from consulting till designing, development, implementation and maintenance to help efficiently develop and manage Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related requirements.

Our key capability and differentiator is Our expertise in process analysis, process design, and process automation. We have highly skilled teams of GIS consultants, engineers and application developers to deliver Enterprise class solutions, as well as providing support to clients.

We have vast experience in developing, launching or implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS) for organizations and solutions that are applications-oriented. Our Team can work on any GIS platform and provide final solutions.

Modern Record Room

Amilionn’s integrated solution provide to modernize the management of land records, minimize scope of land/property disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system and facilitate movement towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country.

The major components of the programme are computerization of all land records including mutations, digitization of maps and integration of textual and spatial data, survey/re- survey and updating of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records wherever necessary, computerization of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system, development of core Geographic Information System (GIS) and Capacity building etc. Further it aims to establish an Integrated Land Management system which would provide a single window for accessing all the components of NLRMP and interlink them.