Integrated Power Management System

Consumer Survey & Meter Installation

Consumer Survey is a cloud-based platform that allows users to upload customer data to a server, allocate it to field executives, who then conduct fieldwork and report their verified findings through survey app. It ensures correct consumer surveys as it plays an important role in energy audit and billing of the consumers. This information is directly sent to our servers available for analysis and decisions.This allows for the collection of KYC information from the customer together with GPS coordinates at the time of the visit, as well as the monitering of the network performance and signal strength.

Smart metering Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) solutions

Amilionn offer integrated solution systems, services for smart metering AMI solutions. . Advanced Metering Infrastructure provides the utility with a smart metering solution which is based on bi-directional high-speed communication. It reads data on remote electrical meters. It helps to prevent electricity theft through a complete user management system. It goes far beyond the simple reading of a meter. It sends and receives information from every touchpoint on the distribution system infrastructure. Billing accuracy, revenue protection, and operational efficiency are some of the requirements of utilities that strive to be more competitive and meet customer expectations. We provide utilities with the tools required for today. Combined with the flexibility to expand into future advanced functionality, the Creative Micro Systems platform is designed for the new Smart Grid reality.